We're Making Your Nuts Our Business.

Happy Nuts applies as a lotion and dries as a silky-smooth powder layer to combat common problems in the groin area that men experience, such as sweat/moisture, chafing, and unwanted smells, all while soothing and repairing the area.

Easy Apply Lotion

Ditch the messy powder!

Happy Nuts applies easily as a lotion that dries silky smooth, keeping you fresh all day long.

Sweat Protection

Our formula absorbs your sweat, so your pants don’t have to.

No one likes to be moist!

It's Like Cologne For Your Package

We spent time researching and trying out different fragrances. We’ve landed on the perfect solution. Not overpowering, but strong enough to prevent or cover up a bad situation.

Use before or after any activity or smell inducing state of affairs.

Anti - Chafing

There's nothing worse than having chafed thighs or nuts.

Happy Nuts acts as an anti-friction layer, assuring you don’t get irritated and your nuts stay happy.

Nut List

We've got your back!

We’re here to help men in every way possible. We’ll be donating a portion of proceeds to prostate cancer research. We currently make donations to NUIG's Prostate Cancer Institute.