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The Starter Sack

The happiness his lower half deserves, all inside of one easy-to-use bundle.

 - 1x Comfort Cream
 - 1x Comfort Powder
 - 1x Nut + Body Wash,
 - FREE The Nut Sack toiletry bag




Prevent Chafing

XL 5L Toiletry Bag

Hydrate & Cleanse

Odor protection

What’s Included:

Body & Nut Wash

Comfort Cream

Comfort Powder

“The products I never knew I needed”

I thought I was keeping the "funk" off my junk, but my girlfriend seemed to disagree. Happy Nuts 3 step routine has helped me keep my boys in check, and she appreciates that.

Nick S. Verified Customer


1) Body & Nut Wash

Plant-Based pH-Balanced Wash for a great cleanse

You luxurious body & nut wash

Rich, warm, Sandalwood scent

Clean, plant based formula

2) Comfort Cream

Lotion-to-Powder Ball Deodorant for 24/7 freshness

Your below-the-belt deodorant

Odor neutralizing, manly scent

Helps to calm and soothe skin

3) Comfort Powder

Nut & body powder for all day comfort

Protect against sweat & chafing

Crisp sandalwood aroma

Hydrate & Repair your pair

Meet The 3-step Routine Designed For Your Two Pair 🥜 

These 3 products attack the sweat and odor problem from three different angles.

A proper wash

Give your nuts the wash they deserve

No more chafing

From a mess-free lotion to a smooth powder layer

3-step routine, for your two pair

Wash, Protect, & Hydrate your lower half

Stay dry all day

Swampy nuts are soooo 2022

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Big Sack Bundle



The first 3-step routine for Dad's two pair 🥜 

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Body & Nut Wash


Natural nut and body wash to deeply cleanse with a creamy rich lather

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Comfort Cream


Know to stop the sweat in even Dad's thickest jorts 

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