Chafing Cream for Balls

How do You Stop Scrotum Irritation?

Happy Nuts Comfort Cream is a dynamic lotion-to-powder “crotch duster” that creates a zone of zen for your skin. Our comfort cream has a satiny powder finish that combats moisture to prevent chafing anywhere skin and sweat mix to create a swampy situation. Constant irritation in your groin area can ruin your surf vibe or make sitting for a long flight or an important meeting a whole thing. Other products claim to prevent chafing but are made with potentially dangerous chemicals. (More on that later.) Happy Nuts Comfort Cream is the best men’s grooming anti-chafing product and is made in California with all-natural, cruelty-free, and vegan ingredients. And because it’s all-natural, it has multiple uses and benefits. Sandalwood, citrus, coconut, aloe, tapioca, and beta-glucan combine to leave your testicles feeling right and smelling incredible all day.

But beware, Comfort Cream is so effective for treating skin-on-skin irritation that you may find your bottle disappears when your partner experiences it for themselves. Sign up for our Happy Nuts Nut-Scription, so everyone’s skin stays happy and chafe-free.

Happy Nuts Comfort Cream can be used on:

  • Testicles
  • Inner thighs to prevent “chub rub”
  • Buttocks
  • Armpits
  • Underboob
  • Overhanging abdominal fat

Why Is Ball Sweat So Smelly?

Scrotum sweat is different from sweat in other body areas because it comes from a different kind of sweat gland – the apocrine sweat gland. These glands are found only in the hairiest body parts – groin and armpits among them – and open into hair follicles. [1] When we sweat in these areas, the sweat travels past the sebaceous glands, and is released through the opening around the hair, rather than directly out onto the skin. The result is an oily sweat laden with proteins. And once bacteria gets involved, boy howdy, say hello to odor and irritation. 

all natural ball powder

That’s why we infused Comfort Cream with sandalwood, one of the most valuable trees in the world. 19th-century Bengali poet Rabindranath Tagore sung its praises: “[Sandalwood oil] has been known for centuries as an elevator of noble emotions and the basis for a mature health that is proof against many of the diseases that stem from the filth and stench that surround us… the oil should be rubbed on the skin for protection against the elements and skin lesions.” [2] Medical journals today praise sandalwood oil for its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anti-microbial properties. [3] 

Noble ball health despite the filth and stench, ye gods!

Hot As Balls: IYKYK

There’s a lot going on down there. Males carry our reproductive organs outside, so things down there get…crowded. Constantly unsticking, repositioning, adjusting, reshuffling, rearranging, flanking, usurping, coup d’états, enemy stand-offs, hostage negotiations; we may have lost the plot.

Our point is that without Comfort Cream, a lot of energy goes toward trying to keep the frank ‘n beans comfortable while not drawing attention to covert tactical maneuvers.

Just apply Comfort Cream and think about literally anything else all day. Think about your next passionate encounter and how you won’t have to worry about what your partner will find during southern exploration. A less than fresh or inflamed undercarriage can ruin the moment, and let’s face it: ball sweat happens. Do you think Robert Pattinson doesn’t have to combat “bat wings” when he’s paying the Caped Crusader? Have you seen that suit? Our velvety formula keeps things dry, so your scrotum and thighs don’t stick together, ensuring you’re ready for any exciting encounters that pop up in the dark (k)night. (Not sorry.) Apply Comfort Cream in the morning, and you’ll stay fresh, calm, and dry for hours.

What Causes Male Groin Chafing?

When the skin’s barrier is disrupted by continual friction between two body parts, it can create painful chafing. Sweaty balls are no laughing matter. Male reproductive ability depends on keeping the temperature of the scrotum stable, so sweat is important. But moisture and movement create friction that can cause painful irritation and even broken skin. Ouch. And, warm damp areas are the perfect breeding grounds for bacteria, yeast, and other baddies, all of which can lead to infections. [4] 

Start with good hygiene, wear loose-fitting clothing and undergarments, and apply Comfort Cream to keep it CDC: Cool, Dry, and Clean.

Is Talc Bad?

Talc, a naturally occurring mineral, is used in many products on the market today, including Gold Bond powder. While the link between talcum powder and testicular cancer has not yet been studied in depth, the $2.1 billion settlement in the Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder suit [5] has left many people wary of talcum powder. Maybe some men still use Gold Bond because it’s what their grandpa used. But you ain’t your grandpa. There is no shortage of products available today that are designed for men’s intimate areas, but you might want to take a look at the labels. Some male ball deodorant contains stearyl alcohol, disodium EDTA, caprylic/capric triglyceride, peg-100 stearate… Do we need to go on?

Happy Nuts is forthright about our all-natural ingredient list because it’s 2022, and men expect more from their grooming products. Comfort Cream is talc-free, and we use natural ingredients with antioxidants and vitamins because ball care is self-care.

All-Natural Relief from Groin Itch

We already discussed the benefits of sandalwood, one of the ingredients in Comfort Cream, so let’s talk about the rest of the ingredients that offer natural relief with no bad stuff.

  • Tapioca is a starch derived from the cassava root, a staple of many diets worldwide. The powdered form of the root absorbs sweat and excess oil. Safe enough to eat? Safe enough for your nuts!
  • No, we didn’t include the oil from coconuts because it has nuts in the name; coconut oil has vitamin E, promotes hydration, and smooths the skin.
  • Natural beta glucans are a plant-derived fiber. They contain regenerative properties that help promote collagen production, which is essential for a firm, healthy sac, and a trusted ally for anti-aging and wrinkles prevention. [6]
soothing for chafing

Aloe, which contains vitamins A, C, and E, has antioxidant properties that protect your cells from free radicals. Free radicals are not our friends. They cause damage on a cellular level, which can accelerate the signs of aging and cause abnormal cell growth.

We chose these ingredients because they offer a proven solution to skin discomfort and testicular irritation. Comfort Cream glides on gently, leaving an ultra-soothing, soft finish, and well-nourished nuts.

My Balls Chafe When I Run

Nut health for health nuts! Runners know the agony of using a product that promises to keep you going long into your run, only to realize halfway through that you will be walking funny the next day. Surfers and cyclists also deal with moist environments while wearing fabrics that don’t breathe. While athletes have to pay attention to anything that can impact their performance, that doesn’t mean the rest of us shouldn’t as well. Men who have to spend long stretches of time seated or have mobility issues can also have issues with moisture and chafing. Comfort Cream is excellent for:

  • Men who sit at a desk
  • Rideshare drivers 
  • Men recovering from an injury that impedes movement

Comfort Cream has you covered because your balls can chafe even when you’re not on the run.

My Thighs Hurt When I Walk

Unlike a straight-up ball deodorant, Comfort Cream can be used anywhere on the body. In fact, some of our female customers use it on their inner thighs to combat “chub rub,” and they report needing to buy a second bottle because they keep co-opting their partner’s stash. Comfort Cream is not a messy powder, nor is it a cream that needs to be constantly reapplied. 

Comfort Cream goes on as a lotion and turns into a satiny powder that acts as a protective barrier, so body parts glide smoothly past each other. This can be a lifesaver, especially during hot, humid, conditions. So wear that skirt or shorts without worry! Ladies, we know the stinging sensation of chafed thighs, so we’ve got you, too.

How Do You Heal Chafing Fast?

Happy Nuts is looking out for your balls. We want you to trust that you can go that extra mile, get close with someone you’re into, or hang with your friends without thinking about uncomfortable, irritated skin. No more messy lotions or powders, just a fast-acting, safe, and natural cream for your balls. And unlike talcum powders, you can apply Comfort Cream to already irritated skin to provide instant relief

Give the Gift of Happy Nuts 

Comfort Cream is the gift they won’t see coming, (and you might not want to watch them using) but the best gifts in life are the ones that start with, “This worked for me…” because it shows you care. So stuff some in your partner’s stocking at Christmas, put it in a sexy gift basket for Valentine’s Day, or give some to your teammates before the start of the season. Comfort Cream is a year-round treat for the sensitive skin in your life. 

And speaking of sensitive skin: learn more about our complete line-up of ball care products by checking out our Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.


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