Best Stocking Stuffers for Men

Men are not easy to shop for. And, the holidays are upon us and that means it’s time to start thinking about gifts! Nuts. But there’s no need to stress- if you’re looking for a unique and useful gift, look no further than our Happy Nuts collection of male grooming […]

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Why Do My Balls Smell?

fresh balls

The heat wave continues to be in full swing, which means hot weather, sweaty people, and funky-smelling balls. But don’t worry; Happy Nuts has your back! Our all-natural products are specifically designed to keep you feeling fresh even in the hottest conditions and even when those conditions are centralized south […]

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Chafing Cream for Balls

chafing balls

Contents1 How do You Stop Scrotum Irritation?2 Why Is Ball Sweat So Smelly?3 Hot As Balls: IYKYK4 What Causes Male Groin Chafing?5 Is Talc Bad?6 All-Natural Relief from Groin Itch7 My Balls Chafe When I Run8 My Thighs Hurt When I Walk9 How Do You Heal Chafing Fast?10 Give the […]

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Natural Body Wash for Balls

body wash

When it comes to body wash, there are many brands to choose from and various price points to meet your needs. When you select a body wash, you may go for packaging first, which is a common way people choose things – companies spend a lot of money to get […]

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What is the Best Shaver for Balls? 

Male grooming is a delicate task and choosing the right equipment for your “equipment” can seem like a difficult decision. After all, the hair is coarse, the skin is sensitive, and the stakes are high below the waist. One of the most popular male grooming brands hit the market in […]

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Men, Lets talk about nuts.    Not some crappy airline peanuts.  The ones that hang between your legs… Or try to.   Not a lot of room there for them there. Pretty bad design if you ask me, but I am just an engineer…not god. For thousands, maybe even millions […]

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